Diabetic Eye Care

Eye care for individuals with diabetes is essential. Eye disease and vision changes are very common among diabetics, and annual eye exams are critical to treatment and prevention.

At Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons, we offer diabetic eye evaluation—a comprehensive examination to evaluate if diabetes has impacted the eye. Uncontrolled or fluctuating blood sugar (glucose) levels can affect the eyes, leading to small blood vessel damage to the retina. This is called diabetic retinopathy.

A diabetic eye evaluation will involve checking for signs that diabetes has impacted your eyes and vision. This diabetic evaluation will involve checking visual acuity, ocular motility, confrontational fields, and pupil assessment. The ophthalmologist will use a slit lamp instrument to examine the front structures of the eyes, and a dilated fundus examination—using dilating eye drops—to make sure diabetes has not affected the back of the eyes.

For more information, contact our office or call 800-638-2034 to schedule a diabetic eye evaluation.