Nancy Kimball

Diagnosis: Glaucoma, Cataract

Nancy Kimball was having problems with her eyes. She was experiencing the loss of peripheral vision and difficulty seeing colors. She decided to see Dr. Gary Lau of Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons.  Dr. Lau diagnosed Nancy with glaucoma and cataracts. She decided to have surgery to address these issues.  Dr. Lau performed cataract surgery and Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation (ECP) for Nancy.  The ECP is designed to reduce fluid production and intraocular pressure in the eye. The cataract surgery removed the cataract and inserted a new lens.

“Thank you so very much for making my life brighter! Colors are so vivid and I can’t wait to have the other eye done, he is such a caring physician that goes out of his way to make you feel better,” Nancy is appreciative of the work that Dr. Lau does and highly recommends him to others in the Miami Valley area.