Sean Burton

Diagnosis: Myopia

Sean Burton was an active athlete who wanted to improve his vision. “For many years, my vision bothered me. I loved to run and swim and be part of nature. I didn’t like wearing glasses. Between fogging up in the rain, to sweating and having to constantly adjust while running, I could not stand wearing them!  As I grew older, I stopped wearing glasses during my outdoor lifestyle, and I just grew accustomed to not seeing clearly.  This lack of focus took away from my enjoyment, and one day I made the decision to fix the problem, and remove glasses from the equation once and for all.”

Sean came to Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons, and met with Larry A Fish, MD, a cornea and LASIK specialist, who told him that he is an excellent candidate for LASIK surgery.  “The corrective vision procedure at Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons allowed me the freedom to do what I love, without the discomfort of wearing glasses.  For the first time in my life, I can see clearly while running or swimming.  The procedure was quick and painless, and the result is a new lease on enjoyment, and years to come of clear vision.”